In these troubled times, it is really essential to feel better at home. The house becomes our “multifunctional refuge”. Faced with confinement, and telework, we spend more time in our interior. We must accomplish more varied tasks there and cohabit with all the inhabitants at the same time without hindering each other in our activities. Taking care of our interior decoration becomes essential. 

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Indeed, our interior is, even more than before, a sort of the third envelope after skin and clothing. It protects us, and revitalizes us. You should feel good and calm there. Our house, our apartment, is also what we see first in the morning when we get up and last when we go to bed at night. And today, we are there all day, and almost every day! In this, our interior has a considerable impact on our morale and our emotions.


I’m going to give you some simple, inexpensive tips that are the basics of home staging and interior decoration.


Above all, it seems inevitable to sort. Obviously, we will have to go through this. This is one of the main reasons why we do not feel good at home: clutter, disorder, clutter. Sorting is a prerequisite. No need to decorate in an interior that is overflowing everywhere … without a doubt, it will not be seen! Without falling into the excess of mania, we still all have a great tendency to hoard.

To sort efficiently, proceed by zone, by room. Another way to proceed is to group the objects by categories (ex: all the books, often scattered in several rooms). Indeed, it’s easier to sort when you have all the objects in front of you. In general, the books and clothing categories are easy. Take it easy: don’t plan to do everything in one weekend!

The Marie Kondo method is simple and effective. Also, I advise you to read his illustrated book… pictures are often worth more than a long speech! In a nutshell, here are the main principles of the method:

You can distinguish 3 types of objects  :

  • Those that you haven’t used for 1 year: they will be for sale or to give away (the “just in case  ” should be banned from your vocabulary). Rejoice in doing a good deed and participating in “reuse”.
  • Objects that give you a feeling, for which you feel an emotion (eg a work of art, a souvenir object brought back from a trip) are to be set aside. When you have finished your sorting, you can come back to it and make choices (reminder: “ choosing is giving up  ”!)
  • The others, that is to say which do not give you any particular feeling and which you have used several times during the year, are to be kept! Be careful, however, to carefully observe the quantities in relation to your use: do you really need 15 summer dresses? Is it useful for you to have 30 teaspoons?

When you have completed this rather tedious but oh so satisfying task (yes… yes, I assure you that you will derive some satisfaction from it and that you will feel lighter), you will have a good idea of ​​the volume necessary for your storage.


When it comes to storage, you have to think of functional and practical. Relive in your mind “a typical day” and observe what is practical for you. For example, in the entrance, a priori, you must be able to put your coat, your shoes, your keys, and your bag. Where do you dress in the morning? in your room ? or in your bathroom?

Grouping objects by categories is often a good way to find your way around quickly and avoid searching for hours.

Pay particular attention to what are called “hot spots”: these are the places in your interior where there is always a pile of disparate things that quickly form a “nice mess”. The bazaar calling the bazaar, it is necessary to identify these “hot spots” and set up an easy organization so that everything finds its place. Sometimes it’s the storage system that is not adequate: change it! For example, scarves hanging on hangers, it’s annoying and in the end, no one puts them away… ok! Provide a box and a nice basket. In conclusion, storage should be simple, easy, and suitable for all the inhabitants of the house. If you want your children to store their coats in the closet, plan rods at their height.

Keep in mind that space provides a feeling of lightness. We “breathe more” in an orderly interior.


Here too, we tend to push this task to the Greek calendars! And yet, it is obvious to everyone that our interior must be clean and well maintained. Well, here we go! We glue the skirting board, we clean the traces of paint, we repair the door handle, we redo the seal in the bathroom which has blackened.

Maintaining your apartment or house helps to enhance it and therefore to feel better there. However, if you do not feel capable of carrying out certain small jobs, hire someone to do it or get closer to the platforms for the exchange of services between neighbors. Then focus on fixing things as you go and not procrastinating on this topic 😉

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interior designer in vizag


When it comes to interior decoration, we say one room = one function. With our current “confined” lives, this is no longer entirely true. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an office for telecommuting, a playroom for the children, etc., but the idea is there. If not the room, it will be the dedicated space in it.

For example, for your office: a small suspended secretary may do the trick. I invite you to read my article on the different ways to set up an office at home i. For children’s manual activities: a small piece of furniture on wheels and presto, they will have everything to hand!

If you want to rearrange your interior to give it a second wind, think of “function spaces” and don’t forget the “circulation spaces” which must, as their name suggests, allow circulation and therefore be empty!


Congratulation! You have sorted, decluttered, tidied up, organized, and rearranged. Now you can, according to your tastes, add a few “decorative touches” that will add a bit of “style” to your interior without revolutionizing everything.

In this regard, I am going to talk to you again about the void… and yes! Don’t be afraid to leave a blank. Free surfaces and walls. Group your objects into odd numbers. For example: group your travel memories together in a bookcase, on a part of a sideboard (no display on the entire surface of the sideboard!). Leave space to highlight your objects and to rest your eyes!

Similarly, gather your photos, and mix frame sizes. Avoid spreading your frames on all the walls of the house to “fill”, and leave empty walls. Indeed, this is a very common mistake! And if you have a lot of photos or works of art, remember to change them according to your desires or the seasons. You will have the feeling of changing the interior!

Conversely, exhibit a major work of art alone on a wall… let it “breathe” and it will be all the more highlighted, as a unique piece. Also pay attention to the proportions: a very small frame on a large wall will not be seen, it will be lost. It will “float” in space. In the same way, pay particular attention to a certain coherence, harmony, a common thread through color, a material, and a style (set of black and white photos).

Finally, accessories that are very easy to change without revolutionizing everything and which will have an immediate visual impact are the cushions on your sofa and the curtains. You can change your decor depending on the mood or the season.


It is an essential element for the atmosphere and your comfort. Yet it is often overlooked. Light is essential for well-being. Seasonal depression is not a myth but a reality. It is no coincidence that the Nordic countries attach enormous importance to light. They are very fond of candles, and small luminous garlands. This makes up for the lack of light in the winter period. It is essential to think about the lighting atmosphere in order to feel better at home. A dark house or poorly lit by dim bulbs will do neither your decoration nor your morale any good.
Above all, favor natural light. Do not obstruct it with curtains that are too opaque. If you lack it, try to reflect it through mirror games.

Then, it is essential that the places where you perform tasks such as working, reading, and cooking, are perfectly lit.

Later, you can add mood lights to different places in the room: a pretty lamp with a dim bulb, and candles. Also, think about indirect lighting that diffuses light or highlights elements such as stairs or the interior of a library.

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Bring nature into your interior decoration with plants that will bring you a soothing atmosphere. They will also be your accomplices to purify the air, a very important factor today. They pump out carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They will also be your allies to maintain a good level of humidity, allowing a certain breathing comfort for the inhabitants. Beautiful, fragrant sometimes, they are a pleasure for the eyes, so it would be a shame to deprive you of such assets.

Studies have proven that indoor plants have an impact on our well-being and reduce our stress. They create a calming environment that keeps negative feelings away from us. So don’t skimp on indoor plants! Ask your favorite garden center for advice if you don’t have a green thumb. Succulents are all the rage. This is perfect because they require very little maintenance. Also, consider dried flowers. On the other hand, avoid plastic…

Bringing in nature can also come from the materials you will use for your interior decoration such as wicker, wood, and bamboo. Likewise, do not hesitate to use and abuse the magnificent panoramic wallpapers where you will have the impression of being in the forest or under the pines. Take inspiration from my “vegetable interior” mood board.


In order to avoid constantly soliciting the eye, to evolve in a restful and harmonious environment, you will remember the number 3. Three strong elements in your decoration will be more than enough. We live in a world of images. The visual solicitation is permanent. To be better at home, you must be able to relax there. For example a panoramic wallpaper, a canopy, wooden elements… that’s all, that’s enough.

On the other hand, for a better graphic balance, we will try not to put them at the same level. By that I mean: they won’t have the same visual presence.

This is already a good base of everything you can put in place to feel better at home. If you need more precise and personalized advice for your home interior or if you wish to be accompanied in the renovation of your home, I invite you to contact me.