Furnishing the living room – design choices for a modern living room

The living room is one of the main rooms of the house: it is here that most of the day is spent, moments of relaxation, study and even evenings with friends take place in the living room.

If once the large living room seemed to have gone into the archive, it is now back to being a supporting part of the projects, so it becomes necessary to furnish everything with class and taste.

Furnishing a living room in a modern style is not complex.

The pieces of furniture are now increasingly easier to arrange and are well suited to the needs of an environment designed according to contemporary canons.

A preference for soft colors such as white or pearl gray makes the room brighter, and reinforces the natural light coming from the windows.

An equipped wall, possibly in white or pastel color lacquer, is the space-saving solution.


luxury living room

You can insert smart TVs, books, trinkets and more in a superlative way, some interior designs even offer the solution that includes a bench in tone, enchanting to be furnished with colored cushions. Very comfortable.

Functionality, style and design are the key words for furnishing a contemporary living room.

If the equipped wall, a sofa and a coffee table are enough for a minimal furniture , for a modern style living room that is a little richer, it is necessary to add design accessories such as a stool perhaps in stronger or contrasting colors.

Modern colored sideboard

For example, a modern yellow or red sideboard, or a nice blue or green imitation leather pouf, cannot be missing.

The glass furniture that can be placed in darker and more serious contexts to make the room brighter is also beautiful to see.

A useful way to save space and better equip the living room, perhaps with a study corner, are the extendable consoles, capable of becoming small if necessary.

To give comfort to guests, on the other hand, one can think of upholstered chairs in leather or fabric, in the preferred color or whatever suits us best in the overall furnishing solution.

Sometimes then some living rooms are open space and then the need arises to find tricks to be able to arrange the kitchenette without taking up the room too much. The island becomes the ideal solution.

In an open space with a modern mood, a beautiful island possibly generated by a nice mix of pieces of furniture capable of becoming a worktop or table for lunch or dinner if necessary, as well as a corner where you can sip a drink with friends.

The non plus ultra of a modern living room are the home automation systems.

luxury living room

In addition to spotlights and lights on the shutters and air conditioning, they must include a state-of-the-art audio system and, if there is no equipped wall, a suspended flat-screen television is a must.

Furnishing details cannot be missing, beautiful and colorful soft carpets to differentiate the living room areas, as well as curtains that change according to the season, and obviously plants that are often fake but which also return to being true, especially in environments with a minimalist mood. .

There are many solutions to furnish the living room and make it a modern and livable living room, you just need to know how to choose them based on our tastes and our real needs.

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