The importance of materials in Interior design

The choice and use of innovative materials can in effect determine the success of an Interior Design project .

It is important to define the interior design elements that, together with the dividing walls, help to shape the interior environments, making them functional and comfortable.

Korai Interiors interacts with competent Italian manufacturing companies, using shapes and materials suitable for different clients and the type of intervention in compliance with the customer’s wishes.

The main purpose in interior design is the well-being of living in a place, which is why the study of colors and materials helps to create different atmospheres and to lighten the material by relieving it of its actual weight.

Through specific software it is possible to preview the project in three dimensions as a means of communication that allows the designer to dialogue with the client who is thus able to prefigure the project.

The ideal is to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality; surprising effects can be achieved by combining different materials. In interior design, depending on the context and the client, we give space to imagination and creativity, ranging from cheerful designs that create simple and informal spaces to formal rigor for more sophisticated interiors.

In the creation of an environment and in the choice of its components, it is necessary to take into account the color, lighting and wall and floor coverings. We give the final touch with decorative details; in any case, the distribution of each room is considered.

How much do materials affect the design phase?

When it comes to interior design projects, we tend to pay particular attention to the elements used for the furniture, the choice of colors, etc. We often forget how much in reality the big difference is mainly dictated by the materials that will be chosen in the design phase and that will deeply affect the style and character of our home.


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Types of materials in interior design

There are different types of materials used in recent years in the field of interior renovation, here is a small overview that we hope will help you to have a complete picture.


Mainly synthetic materials initially used in the industrial field, have taken hold as a material to be used in interior renovations thanks to their versatility. The resins are suitable for different uses, floors or walls; their peculiarity is to create homogeneous surfaces, totally free of joints. Another advantage of this material is represented by the different effects that can be obtained: from the spatula to the monochromatic, the choice is wide.

Natural stones

Thanks to its wide variety of types (for example granite, slate and sandstone) and shades, natural stone is an excellent material to use in projects, first of all because it can be used substantially in all rooms of the house, from the living room up to the bathroom walls, which for its resistance.

The result you will get with the use of natural stones is of sure impact, whether you decide to use it playing on contrasts or if you prefer to combine it in a more classic way with the elements already present in your home.

Classic Wood

Never out of fashion, parquet has been the undisputed star of many renovations for years. From the warmest colors to varnished parquet, the effects we can obtain are many and all of them guarantee an elegant and never dated effect!

Porcelain stoneware

Compact mass material, its characteristics vary based on the times and temperatures of the cooking process. It is an extremely elegant and refined type of material, whose versatility has made it one of the new trends in the field of renovation materials in recent years.


Classic and elegant, wallpapers have been experiencing a new youth in recent years. In fact, there are many designers and producers who have decided to revive this material, playing with fantasies capable of astonishing. In the coming weeks we will talk in more detail about each of these materials, investigating their uses and possible applications in your homes.


Fabrics can surprise us with their textures and colors and help us to furnish the house in a personal and unique way. Each plot and fantasy gives life to new ideas and atmospheres. With the right accessories you can create extraordinary and unexpected settings that reflect in an innovative way the personal feeling of each of our customers.

Thanks to our craftsmen we renew sofas, armchairs and curtains.


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Who to trust in the choice of materials

To correctly choose the materials to be used in a furniture or renovation project, the design and interior design studios are generally the figures indicated.

This is because these types of figures know how to manage budgets, aesthetic tastes, spaces, timing and many other needs.

This is what our interior design studio does.


If you need more precise and personalized advice for your home interior or if you wish to be accompanied in the renovation of your home, I invite you to contact me.